Carteret, New Jersey

Our facility in Carteret serves as our logistical hub to all major highways leading to southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, western Pennsylvania and New York metropolitan area. The building, which is brand new, consists of 275,000 square feet of heated warehouse space and is designed for modern distribution techniques. The ceiling height is 36 feet, which allows us to accommodate 34-foot high pallet storage racks and increase our facility's usable cubic capacity. Our existing lease was consummated in December 2011, extending over a period of ten years with options to renew every five years.

Elizabeth Seaport, New Jersey

Our Port facilities, which consists of 200,000 square feet of heated warehouse space, is strategically positioned next to the steamship berths. Because there are no state or federal regulations restricting weight on the roads within the port, we are able to haul overweight containers to this facility and distribute from the warehouse. The present lease are through 2018.

McLester St, Elizabeth Marine Terminal, NJ

This facility is a state of the art trucking and maintenance facility with over 9 acres of open area and a 15,000 sq. ft. maintenance shop. It, too, is located within the confines of New Jersey's largest container shipping terminal. A high percentage of our customers are large multi-national companies, who want to take advantage of the proximity to the world's largest container lines.