ASA Apple, Inc. aims to provide our customers with only the highest quality service at the lowest possible costs. Our team of traffic & logistics experts recognize that the key to achieving this goal is by implementing innovative approaches and techniques to our operations through effective utilization of state-of-the-art technology and effective staffing by highly-motivated, dedicated personnel. Our current pool of resources allows us to address the diverse demands of today's shippers, and we continue to expand these resources to guarantee that we keep our customers in step with the high-speed and dynamic pace of commerce.

information technology

ASA Apple, Inc. utilizes the latest computer technology to keep up with the hectic pace and grueling demands of our operations, while at the same time maintaining integrity of information vital to efficient and accurate performance of our services. All aspects of our business are fully computerized using state-of-the-art computer hardware as well as advanced software which our MIS group tailors to meet unique customer requirements.

We make extensive use of barcoding technology and electronic data interchange to guarantee that our customers only receive high-quality on time service at the lowest possible costs.


ASA Apple, Inc. is committed to provide customers with a wide variety of storage options, and to ensure that our customers' merchandise and cargo are handled in the most efficent and assiduous manner. To guarantee our performance in this area, our warehouse facilities are equipped with modern forklifts and reach trucks, as well as high-standard packaging, crating, bulk transfer and cartage equipment.

On the road, ASA Apple operates a modern fleet of trucks and we make our vans, flatbeds and refrigerated trailers at the disposal of our customers, to make sure that merchandise and cargo arrive at their destination on time and in the best possible condition.